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Optics and Photonics are primarily about the science of light, its generation and manipulation, and its interaction with gases, plasmas, molecules, and solids, including micro- and nanostructures in the service of practical applications where the nature of light is important. Optics and photonics cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum, which is much wider than the optical regime of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. It is a highly interdisciplinary field, bringing together researchers from physics, electronic and electrical engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, etc.

To attract theoretical and practical outputs in the field, the Journal of Optics and Photonics Research (JOPR) is not limited to a specific aspect of optical science and engineering. It is devoted to a wide range of fundamental and applied optics research, bringing together scientists from various disciplines. Manuscripts of engineering sciences and interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome, in which high-quality research will benefit an extensive readership of academics and practitioners. Tangible industrial-related pathways to impact are achieved as well.

The Journal of Optics and Photonics Research is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes cutting-edge articles on the recent trends in Optics and Photonics. 

The journal is a Gold Open Access journal, online readers don't have to pay any fee.

The journal is currently free to the authors, and all Article Processing Charges (APCs) are waived until 31 December 2024.

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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2024)
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