An Experiential Exploration of a Quality-Based Framework for Knowledge Co-Production


  • Evelyn Chiyevo Garwe Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education, Zimbabwe



knowledge co-production, conceptual framework, quality, sustainable development


This paper introduces a quality-based conceptual framework for planning and conducting research and developmental projects within the knowledge co-production continuum. The paper uses a longitudinal self-study methodology to analyse six case studies over a decade and identify comparative and cumulative trends. The analysis shows the importance of inputs, processes, and outputs in knowledge co-production and reveals intangible benefits such as deep engagement and capacity strengthening relationships. The paper also demonstrates how diverse teams can effectively convert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge through knowledge co-production. The paper adopts an innovative approach of cross-linking cases along a timeline to provide insights into comparative and cumulative trends and suggests future research directions to explore the interconnections among the framework’s components. The paper argues that the careful design of inputs and processes is essential for successful knowledge co-production outcomes and that the proposed framework can be applied to address complex developmental issues. The paper contributes a novel conceptual framework and a unique cross-linking approach, offering a comprehensive and practical tool for researchers and practitioners.


Received: 5 September 2023 | Revised: 27 September 2023 | Accepted: 18 October 2023


Conflicts of Interest

The author declares that she has no conflicts of interest to this work.

Data Availability Statement

The data that supports the findings of this study are not publicly available because they contain sensitive information about the participants' experiences and identities. However, the data can be made available upon reasonable request from the corresponding
author J.D.




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Garwe, E. C. . (2023). An Experiential Exploration of a Quality-Based Framework for Knowledge Co-Production. International Journal of Changes in Education.



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