About the Journal

International Journal of Changes in Education (IJCE) is a peer-reviewed outlet that publishes original research articles, reviews, and case studies on the latest global development and innovation in education.

The journal aims to become  a platform for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and educators to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of education in a changing world.

The scope of the journal covers a wide range of topics including ( but not limited to):

The journal covers a wider range of topic related to changes in education.    .  We encourage that before submitting a paper, you may consult with our editorial office to see if your work fits to our scope.    

Scope and coverage

  • Education and development,
  • Education policy and management
  • Reforms in education
  • Technology in education
  • Curriculum and instructional technology  
  • Teaching and learning methods and strategies
  • Assessment in education  
  • Teacher education and Professional development
  • Sustainable education
  • Sustainability in education
  • Education, inclusion and equity  
  • Higher education and lifelong learning  

International Journal of Changes in Education welcomes submissions from researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, backgrounds, regions who are interested in exploring the changing nature role of education in the 21st century.