Editorial Board Members
Abdullah M. Al-Ansi Website ORCID
Thamar University, Yemen
Research Areas: ICT in Education, E-learning, AR & VR in Education, AI applications
Ahmad Aburayya Website ORCID
City University Ajman, UAE
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence in Education, Higher Education, Educational Technology
Arnab Kundu Website ORCID
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India
Research Areas: School Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Policy & Research, Comparative Education
Daniel Tang Website ORCID
The University of Arizona, USA
Research Areas: Education for sustainable development, Environmental education, Climate change education
Gerald Walton Fry Website
University of Minnesota, USA
Research Areas: New Paradigms of Leadership, Development, and Education, Ed Reform in SEA, All Aspects of Thailand, ASEAN, Policies to Reduce Disparities and Inequalities, Happiness Education
Ulaş İlic Website ResearchGate ORCID
Pamukkale University, Turkey
Research Areas: Instructional Technology, Cyber Psychology, Multimedia Learning, Online Learning, Disfluency Effect, Virtual Worlds, Computational Thinking
Víctor Hugo Perera Website ORCID
University of Seville, Spain
Research Areas: Higher Education, Qualitative Methods, Inclusive Education,
Disability, ICT in Education, E-Learning, Educational Technology, Mobile Learning
Wanli Xie Website ResearchGate
Qufu Normal University, China
Research Areas: Educational Data Mining, Cognitive Diagnosis, Educational Evaluation, Educational Forecasting