Editorial Office

Principal Contact

Casper Cheng
Managing Editor

Support Contact

Juno Jiang
Technical Support

Mailing Address: Unit 4, 2nd FL, LINK(THM)BLDG, No. 8 Chang Charn Road, Singapore 159637

Peer Review Support Specialist

Jinping Liu
Hunan Normal University, China
Research Area:
Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Industrial Process Monitoring, Process Modeling, Process Optimization & Automation

Qinghe Zheng
Shandong University, China
Research Area:
Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Computer Vision

Ziyu Jia
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Area:
Novel Time Series Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Algorithms

Hongwei Guo
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China
Research Area: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Computational Mechanics, Nonlinear Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, structural & Geotechnical Engineering, Thin-Walled Structures Modelling, Material Science, Solving Partial Differential Equations

Yaoqi Yang
Nanjing Institute of Communication Engineering, China
Research Area: Mobile Crowdsensing, Privacy Preservation & Age of Information Optimization

Yongquan Yan
Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, China
Research Area: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Dependable Computing