New Possibility Soft Sets with Quality Assurance Application in Distance Education




possibility Fermatean fuzy soft set, similarity measure, quality assurance, distance education


The probability fuzzy soft set is an approach that is obtained by adding a probability degree to each approximate element of the fuzzy soft set and is formed by combining Fuzzy Set Theory and Soft Set Theory. This idea was later studied in different sets, such as intuitionistic fuzzy sets, neutrosophic fuzzy sets, Pythagorean fuzzy sets, etc. In this paper, a new Possibility Set is defined in the Fermatean Fuzzy environment and the essential features of new sets have been examined. The set-theoretic operations of new possibility sets, such as subset, soft equal, complement, union, intersection, AND, and OR, have been characterized with the help of elaborated examples. Their fundamental laws and properties are also discussed. A practical example concerning quality assurance in distance education is studied to demonstrate the applicability of new similarity measures in decision-making situations. Thus, it has been shown that the newly given similarity measure can be successfully applied to real-world decision problems. Finally, a comparison of the similarity of the proposed model is made with some existing models.


Received: 13 October 2022 | Revised: 1 November 2022 | Accepted: 17 November 2022


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The author declares that he has no conflicts of interest to this work.


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Kirişci, M. (2023). New Possibility Soft Sets with Quality Assurance Application in Distance Education. Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering, 2(4), 287–293.



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