Cognitive Computing Smart System: How to Remove Ambiguities


  • Xiaohui Zou Institute of Intelligent Engineering and Mathematics, Liaoning Technical University and Interdisciplinary Knowledge Modeling Project Team, China
  • Shunpeng Zou Peng Ge Learning Center, Budapest British International Academy, Hungary



big data, intelligent information processing, cognitive science and technology, knowledge network and automation


The purpose of this paper is to accurately distinguish a series of ambiguities commonly encountered in human-computer interaction
through smart system studied and cognitive computing methods, and then make reasonable predictions and responses. The method is as follows: first, make a basic classification of the various ambiguities encountered by cognitive computing and smart systems, then make a corresponding match for each type of ambiguity, and then apply the theory of smart system engineering to guide the translation or interpretation. The characteristic is that the process of prediction and decision-making is the integration of formal methods based on rules and statistics. The result is the discovery of an efficient way to resolve various ambiguities in a trinity of the natural language understanding, expert knowledge expression, and software pattern recognition. Its significance lies in the acceleration of the formation of the disruptive innovation system of the core basic invention of the new general information technology and its supporting software and hardware technologies, and the popularization of the Z standard of cultural gene system engineering practice. In the author’s opinion, the first meaning is to regard mind as an attribute of brain, and the second meaning is to further regard language, knowledge, and software as attributes of mind.


Received: 26 September 2022 | Revised: 11 November 2022 | Accepted: 16 November 2022


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Zou, X., & Zou, S. (2022). Cognitive Computing Smart System: How to Remove Ambiguities. Journal of Computational and Cognitive Engineering, 3(1), 34–42.



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