Ida Ah Chee Mok    Website    ORCID

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Email: iacmok@hku.hk

Research Areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Mathematics Education


Honorary Advisor

William H. Schmidt    Website    ORCID

Michigan State University, USA

Research Interests: Statistics, Psychometrics, Research Design, Measurement, Quantitative Methods, Counselling, Educational Psychology, Special Education


Klímová, Blanka    Website    ORCID

University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Research Areas: English Language Teaching, Specific Purposes Teaching, Psycholinguistics, Academic Writing, Project Management


Editorial Board Members

Abd Razak Zakaria    Website    ORCID

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Research Areas: Social, Community Psychology, Cultural History, Deviant and Delinquency


Antonio de Padua Palacios-Rodríguez    Website    ORCID

University of Sevilla, Spain

Research Areas: Educational Technology, ICT, Teacher Training


Beatriz Barrado    Website    ORCID

University of León, Spain

Research Areas: Economics Education, Crime, Development, Economic Growth


Fang Huang    Website    ORCID

Qingdao University, China

Research Areas: Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, Language Education, Intercultural Communication


Gülden GÜRSOY    Website    ORCID

Adiyaman University, Turkey

Research Areas: Measurement, Science Education, Assessment Techniques


Gail E. Joseph    Website    ORCID

University of Washington, USA 

Research Areas: Childhood Workforce Development, Professional Learning, Children's Special needs, Children's Social Learning, Emotional Learning, Mental Health.


J R K Kumar Dabbakuti    Website    ORCID

K L University, India

Research Areas: Global Navigation Satellite System, Wireless Positioning Systems Artificial Intelligence, Internet


James H. McMillan    Website    ORCID

Virginia Commonwealth University,  USA

Research Areas: Educational Research, Educational Assessment


Kelly Bradley    Website    ORCID

University of Kentucky, USA

Research Areas: Quantitative Methods, Measurement; Survey Research, Rasch Model


Louise Hayward    Website    ORCID

University of Glasgow, USA

Research Areas: Assessment, Social justice, Policy Makers, Practitioners Working Policy, Policy Enactment 


Mihaela Simionescu    Website    ORCID

Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Romanian Academy, Romania

Research Areas: Economics, Statistics, Econometrics


Muhammad Shoaib    Website    ORCID

University of Gujrat, Pakistan

Research Areas: Sociology of Globalization, Social Impact Assessment, General Sociology, Sociology of Social Work, Sociology of Education, Gender Studies, Medical Sociology, Criminology


Nipaporn Chalermnirundorn    Website    ORCID

Rangsit Univerisity, Thailand

Research Areas: English Language Teaching, Curriculum and Instruction, Technology in Education,  Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language


Olga Viberg    Website    ORCID

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Research Areas: Learning Analytics, Mobile Learning, Self-Regulated, LearningDesign Science Research,  Digitalization of Education


Savitha Basri    Website    ORCID

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India

Research Areas: Costing for Management, Health insurance, Security Analysis, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance


Serafín M. Coronel-Molina    Website    ORCID

Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Research Areas: Literacy, Culture, Language Education


Saswati Das    Website    ORCID

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital,India

Research Areas: Biosensors, Artificial Intelligence, Endobiochemistry, Cardiobiochemistry, Quality Assurance


Shiyang Yu(Mark)    Website    ORCID

Nankai University, China

Research Areas: Non-formal Logic, Argumentation Theory, Critical Thinking, Legal Logic


Stamatios Papadakis    Website    ORCID

University of Crete, Greece

Research Areas: Preschool Education, Computational Thinking, Mathematics, STEM, Computer Science