Aims and scope

Contemporary Education and Teaching Research is an international peer-reviewed gold open-access scientific journal in education and teaching-related disciplines.  The journal aims to provide a cross-cultural, cross-international, pan-educational communication platform for experts, researchers, teachers, and administrators from schools and educational institutions at all levels in diverse and original formats with Editor-in-Chief Ida, Mok, to create an interactive effect and to welcome contributions from scholars at all levels with a completely open attitude.

The main purpose of CETR is to provide an open platform for learning, communicating, and collaborations by discussing people of different nationalities, colors, cultures, and occupations in the context of globalization. CETR will make all efforts to accelerate the development of educational science all over the world, as well as promoting academic exchange through international conferences and exhibitions. CETR will be an indispensable academic resource platform and tool for global educational researchers.


Subject Areas

  • Education and teaching-related disciplines / cross-disciplinary
  • Pedagogy
  • Education Policy
  • Teaching tools and methods
  • Education Hotspots and frontiers