Research and Prospect of Full-time and Part-time MBA Training Mode in Guangxi Universities


  • Yong Zou Business School, Guilin University of Technology, China



MBA training mode, innovation and entrepreneurship, full-time and part-time


This paper fully considers the influence of Guangxi's local resource endowments and advantageous industries on the demand for innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and on the basis of in-depth research on MBA training modes of representative universities in and outside the region, combing and analyzing relevant literatures and documents in recent 10 years, based on the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship, comprehensively uses theoretical deduction, in-depth interviews, data analysis and other means to construct a complete set of systematic and feasible MBA training modes for Guangxi universities. The research results of this paper will help Guangxi universities to fully grasp the historic strategic opportunity of innovation and entrepreneurship, effectively improve the education level and quality of MBA in Guangxi universities, and provide theoretical guidance for Guangxi's economic and social development to cultivate compound talents with innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and innovative entrepreneurial ability.




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Zou, Y. (2022). Research and Prospect of Full-time and Part-time MBA Training Mode in Guangxi Universities. Contemporary Education and Teaching Research, 3(2), 74–76.