Call for Paper - SI on Advanced Surfaces and Coatings Employed in Turbomachinery

Special Issue on Advanced Surfaces and Coatings Employed in Turbomachinery

Aims and Scopes

The protection of turbo-machinery and offshore applications against erosion, corrosion, and abrasion is a global concern in the energy sector as well as other industries. This problem is globally observed in hydro as well as power plants, mining, marine, cementing, food processing, and ore-processing industries. The components of turbines, pipeline circuits, marine pumps, slurry pumps, ash disposal systems, mining equipment, etc. suffer from material loss problems. These machineries have low life in the accelerated slurry conditions therefore these materials are coated with ceramics and alloy coatings. The Fe, Ni, Co, WC, and Cr-based alloys are adopted for protection against erosion, corrosion, and abrasion. However, more advanced coatings are required to tackle such problems. This special issue will be focused on the application of various coating techniques such as thermal spray, cold sprays, and electrochemical deposition. The special issue on “Advanced Surfaces and Coatings Employed in Turbomachinery” is intended to enrich the literature with more advanced and novel solutions to the problem of protection of turbomachinery applications. The special issue is focused on the inspection, monitoring, prediction, control, and diagnosis the erosion, corrosion, and abrasion in various surfaces and coatings used in different turbomachinery.

Lead Guest Editor

Jashanpreet Singh
Chandigarh University, Mohali, India
Research Areas: Heat Transfer, Advanced Materials, Material Characterization, Microstructure, Coating, Materials, Convection, Materials Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Surface Engineering

Guest Editors

Mirosław Szala
Lublin University of Technology, Poland
Research Areas: Cavitation Erosion, Tribology, Surface Engineering, Coatings, Welding

Satish Kumar
National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, India
Research Areas: Flow Phenomena of Solid-Liquid Flow in Pump and Pipeline, Erosion Wear, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Rheology of Slurry Flow

Mahendra U. Gaikwad
JSPM Narhe Technical Campus, Pune, India
Research Areas: Design, Traditional, Non Traditional Machining, Matallurgy

Special Issue Information
This special issue welcomes original and review articles from theoretical and empirical frontiers. The expected submissions may cover (but are not limited to) the following research themes:
· Wear, corrosion, and thermal resistance properties of thick and thin coatings
· Erosion-corrosion and erosion-abrasion in thermal- and hydro-power plants
· Application of super-hydrophobic, anti-icing, and thermal barrier coatings
· Advanced techniques for the characterization and defect testing of coatings and interfaces
· Controlling, monitoring, and diagnosis of erosion-corrosion in hydropower plants using advanced optimization techniques
· Additive manufacturing for surface development using the laser-cladding technique
· Machine learning techniques for the development of predictive models for bare and coated surfaces

Manuscript Submission Information
Submission deadline: December 31, 2023
Submissions that pass pre-check will be reviewed by at least two reviewers of the specific field.
Free fast publication and early access will be provided to all accepted papers.

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