Performance Analysis of a Dynamic Test Bench Based on a Linear Direct Drive


  • Axel Wellendorf Laboratory for Vibration Technology and Lightweight Constructions, Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln), Germany
  • Patrick Tichelmann Laboratory for Applied Artificial Intelligence, Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln), Germany
  • Joachim Uhl SCEMTEC Sensor Technology GmbH, Germany



dynamic test bench, linear direct drive, vibration technology, FEM, sensor testing


This paper describes the design and performance of a dynamic test bench used for dynamic testing of special sensor systems intended for use in vehicle chassis. In order to economically meet all requirements of a dynamic driving simulation, the dynamic test bench is being developed on the basis of a linear direct drive. The test bench has a modular design and can be used flexibly, i.e. vertically or horizontally. No ferromagnetic material is used in the measuring range of the sensor to minimize measurement inaccuracies. The performance requirements to be met are to the achievable acceleration and frequency, the stroke distance and the positioning accuracy. The test bench must be capable of accelerating at a minimum of 30 g while realizing an oscillation of at least 12 Hz. Regardless of the dynamic requirements, a minimum stroke distance of 500 mm is required. The required positioning accuracy is 1 mm. To ensure that all requirements are met, the performance limits of the test bench are determined experimentally and validated mathematically. In addition to the maximum acceleration and the maximum realizable frequency, the maximum stroke speed of the test rig is determined. Furthermore, the critical resonance frequencies of the test bench, which can lead to disturbances, are determined. As a result, all required performance values are exceeded by the dynamic test bench.


Received: 24 March 2023 | Revised: 2 June 2023 | Accepted: 7 June 2023


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Wellendorf, A., Tichelmann, P. ., & Uhl, J. . (2023). Performance Analysis of a Dynamic Test Bench Based on a Linear Direct Drive. Archives of Advanced Engineering Science, 1(1), 55–62.




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