Hao Lin Website ORCID Google Scholar 
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Research Interests: Protein Informatics, Peptide Sequence Analysis, Machine Learning Application in Biological Macromolecular Data, Biomarker, Protein Post-Translational Modification Site, Systems Biology, Clinical Data Analysis, Disease Risk Prediction
E-mail: hlin@uestc.edu.cn
EiC Introduction: Facing the frontier of life medicine science, aiming at the key problem of high noise and insufficient feature extraction of biomedical data, he developed a variety of feature extraction and optimization algorithms, and some research results have been achieved in the fields of sorting and sequence representation of biological macromolecular data, clinical data analysis and disease risk prediction. He has achieved the 2018 Highly-Cited Researchers from Clarivate, 2020 and 2021 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers from Elsevier, and World's Top 2% Scientists 2021, 2022 from Stanford University. He also obtained Outstanding Young Scientific and Technological Talents in Sichuan Province (2019), the Science and Technology Progress Awards of Sichuan (2012), and Hebei (2015). He is a member of Center for Informational Biology and the Key Laboratory for NeuroInformation of Ministry of Education in UESTC. He is also the member of Special Committee on Bioinformatics in CCF and the member of ACM.

Advisory Board Members

Liang Cheng ORCID Website

Harbin Medical University, China
Research Areas: Metagenomic, Intestinal Diseases, Artificial Intelligence

Associate Editors

Balachandran Manavalan ORCID Website

Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligent, Biomedical Big Data Analysis, Data Analytics in the Field of Infection and Immunity

Leyi Wei ORCID Website

Shandong University, China
Research Areas: Bioinformatics (Develop Computational Methods for Prediction of Protein Structure and Function, Non-coding RNAs, Protein Post-Transcriptional Modification Sites), Machine Learning (Deep Learning for Biomedical Data Analysis), Functional Analysis in Silico for Genomics (Hi-C data analysis)

Qinghua Jiang ORCID Website

Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Immuno-Informatics, Cancer Immunity, Cellular Atlas of Human Brain

Quan Zou ORCID Website

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Research Areas: Machine Learning, Single Cell, Multiple Sequence Alignment, microRNA, Noncoding RNA

Yongchun Zuo ORCID Website

Inner Mongolia University, China
Research Areas: Digital Embryo, Digital Medicine, Developmental Omics, Developmental Programming, Somatic Cell Reprogramming

Editorial Board Members

Alexander E. Berezin ORCID Website

Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Austria
Research Areas: Fundamental Study of Biological Markers in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Atherosclerosis, Epigenetic Regulators of Cardiac and Vascular Functions, Implementation of Visualization Procedures and Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions, Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, Vascular Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Balakrushna Tripathy ORCID Website

Vellore Institute of Technology, India
Research Areas: Soft Computing, Social Network Analysis, Soft Sets and Decision Making, Big Data Analytics, Deep Neural Networks

Chun Liu Website

The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, China
Research Areas: Heterogeneous Tumor Microenvironment, Biomaterials and Inks for 3D Bioprinting, Nerve Regeneration for Spinal Cord Injury Therapy on Engineered Device, Schwann Cell Migration in Micro-channel Scaffolds, Drug Release from Polyelectrolyte Multilayers, Engineered Biointerface for Stem Cell Differentiation

Davide Barbagallo Website

University of Catania, Italy
Research Areas: Circular RNAs in Glioblastoma Multiforme, ceRNA Networks, Identification of Non-Coding RNAs for the Early Diagnosis of Neoplasms

Elena Jones ORCID Website

University of Leeds, UK
Research Areas: Mesenchymal Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering Module, Molecular Medicine, Knee Joint, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatology, Orthopedic Surgery, Traumatology, Arthroplasty

Giuseppe Murdaca Website

Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy
Research Areas: Computer Science, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Immunology and Microbiology, Chemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Immunology, Vaccines, Biologics, Pharmacogenomics, HIV

Guan Ning Lin ORCID Website

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Deep Learning, Development of Clinical Decision System, Systematic Evaluation of Blood Biomarkers of Mental Diseases

Gulali Aktas ORCID Website

Abant Izzet Baysal University, Türkiye
Research Areas: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Metabolism, Urology, Nephrology, Medicine Hematology

Gurudeeban Selvaraj ORCID Website

Concordia University, Canada
Research Areas: Computational Biology, Chemistry Multi-omics (Computational Genomics, Transcriptomics and Immunomics), Cancer Research, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning on Vaccine, Drug Design, Network Pharmacology, Evidenced-Based Medicine, Medicinal and Computational Chemistry

Hua Tang ORCID Website
Southwest Medical University, China
Research Areas:
Multi-omics Data Mining for Malignant Tumors, Big Health Data Analysis, Disease-Associated Biological Macromolecular Prediction, Screening of Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Chronic Disease

Jiajie Peng ORCID Website
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Research Areas:
Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Omics Data Analysis, Biological Network Analysis and Construction, Data-Driven Ontology, Neurodegenerative Disease

Jian Huang ORCID Website
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
Research Areas:
Bioinformatics, Translational Medicine

Jiapu Zhang ORCID Website
Federation University Australia, Australia
Research Areas:
Neurodegenerative Diseases, Influenza, SARS-CoV-2, SAR-CoV-1, Cancers, Bioinformatics, Protein Structure and Function, Drug Design and Discovery, Molecular Modeling, Automatic Modeling, Mathematical Modelling, QM/MM and MD computations, Optimization, Global Optimization, Operations Research, Biological Mathematics, Biostatistics

Juexin Wang Website
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, USA
Research Areas:
Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Single Cell Sequencing, Spatial Omics

Koigoora Srikanth ORCID Website
VIGNAN’S Foundation for Science Technology & Research, India
Research Areas:
Emerging Environmental Contaminants Toxicity on Various Cells, System Ecotoxicology, Biomonitoring

Le Nguyen Quoc Khanh ORCID Website

Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, China
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing), Bioinformatics, Genomics Analysis, Computational Biology, Radiomics, Medical Informatics

Lei Deng Website

Central South University, China
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Medical Informatics

Leonhard Müllauer ORCID Website

Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Research Areas: Molecular Pathology, Personalised Oncology, Biomarkers, Next-Generation Sequencing, Apoptosis, Drug Testing, Surgical Pathology, Cancer Research

Liang Yu ORCID Website

Xidian University, China
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Machine Learning

Ling-Wen Ding ORCID Website

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Research Areas: Developing Innovative Therapeutic Approaches to Overcome Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapy, Identifying Genetic and Epigenetic Abnormalities in Cancers and Pre-Cancers

Masahiro Sugimoto ORCID Website

Keio University, Japan
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics 

Prakash S Bisen ORCID Website

Jiwaji University, India
Research Areas: Microbial Technology, Medical Biotechnology

Puping Liang ORCID Website

Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Research Areas: Genome, Gene Editing, Genome and Epigenome Editing Tools

Rajan Rakkiyappan Website

Bharathiar University, India
Research Areas: Lyapunov Stability, Complex Dynamical Networks, Neural Networks, Mathematical Biology, Control Systems and Applications, Machine Learning Algorithms

Ranjith Kumavath ORCID Website

Pondicherry University, India
Research Areas: Cancer & Microbial (Meta) Genomics, Infectious Diseases, Drug Discovery

Sakir Erkoc Website

Middle East Technical University, Türkiye
Research Areas: Atomic and Molecular Physics, Computational Physics and Chemistry, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Shomona Gracia Jacob ORCID Website

University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Oman
Research Areas: Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Pattern Discovery

Shrikant Pawar Website

Claflin University, USA
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Computer Science, Machine Learning

Tikam Chand Dakal Website

Mohanlal Sukhadia University, India
Research Areas: Cancer Biology, Genomics, Neurodegenerative Disease, Bioinformatics, Computational Structural Biology, Drug Discover & Development, Nanobiotechnology

Watshara Shoombuatong ORCID Website

Mahidol University, Thailand
Research Areas: Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Immunoinformatics, Sequence Analysis

William Chi Shing Cho ORCID Website

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong, China
Research Areas: Cancer Biomarkers, Proteomics, MicroRNAs, Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Yang Zhang ORCID Website

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Research Areas: Bioinformatics, Big Data Mining, Database, Machine Learning, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Text Mining, scRNA-seq

Yaser Daanial Khan ORCID Website

University of Management and Technology, Pakistan
Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Security, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, Mathematical Modelling, Artificial Neural Networks, Systems Programming

Zhiwei Chen Website

Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Research Areas: Nitrogen, Nutrient Use Efficiency, Salt Tolerance, SnRK, qPCR, Barley, Rice, Microspore Culture, Anther Culture, Transcriptome, Metabolome, QTL.