Editorial Board


Ning Zhang https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5634-4203 Website
Institute of Blue and Green Development, Shandong University, China  
Research Areas: Sustainability Science, Environmental Economics, and Energy Economics
Email: zn928@naver.com  

Dr. Ning Zhang holds the esteemed position of Distinguished Professor at Shandong University His current research interests include sustainability science and environmental and energy economics. He is internationally recognized for his work in sustainability, which has resulted in over 100 publications, policy-making, international conference invitations, and participation in the UNFCCC COP conference. He has published in many high-ranking journals, including Science, Nature Climate Change, Nature Geoscience, Nature Sustainability, Nature Communications, One Earth, Lancet, Resource and Energy Economics, Energy Economics, Ecological Economics, European Journal of Operational Research, Applied Energy, Energy Policy, Energy, Journal of Cleaner Production, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Ecological Indicators, Technological Forecasting, and Social Change. Out of those papers, over 20 have been selected as highly cited papers in the ESI top 1%. Additionally, he has been continuously enlisted as one of the top 2% of scientists in the world. The IDEAS/RePEc database ranks him in the top 5% of economists worldwide. He received the Outstanding Youth Scientist Foundation from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and an outstanding scholarship award from the China Scholarship Council (CSC), the best scholar award from Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO), and the best paper award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Korea (MKE). He has submitted more than 10 policy proposals to central and local governments, with the majority adopted for environmental policy-making.


Editorial Board Members

Antonio José Junqueira Botelho  Website
University Candido Mendes, Brazil
Research Areas: Science Politics, Economy, Sociology, History

Chih-Chun Kung  Website
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China
Research Areas: Linear and Nonlinear Analysis, Mathematical Programming, Environmental Assessment, Renewable Energy Development, Climate Change, GHG Sequestration

Daoping Wang  Website
University of Cambridge, UK
Research Areas: AI for Climate Risk Assessment; Economics of Disasters and Risk Management, Complex Interactions of Climate Change, Human Behavior, Global Economic Network

Dariusz Wójcik  Website
University of Oxford, UK
Research Areas: Economic Geography, Urban Studies, Financial Geography, Financial Networks, Financial Centers

Dirk Andreas Zetzsche  Website
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Research Areas: Inclusive and Sustainable Finance, FinTech and RegTech, Collective Investment Schemes, Financial and Corporate Law   

Fred Phillips Website
Stony Brook University, USA
Research Areas: Technology Management, High-tech Regional Economic Development, Management Education

Gang Li  Website
Beijing Technology and Business University, China
Research Areas: Renewable Bioenergy, Environmental Impact Assessment, Waste Recovery, Circular Economy based on Clean Technologies

Gilbert Ahamer  Website
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria
Research Areas: Global Change, Climate Change, International Cooperation, Energy, Environment

Gregorio Giménez Esteban  Website
University of Zaragoza, Spain
Research Areas: Growth and Development Factors, Human Capital, Economics of Education, Innovation and New Technologies, Economics of Latin America, Macroeconomics and Finance

Hossein Shabanali Fami Website
University of Tehran, Iran
Research Areas: Gender Studies in Agriculture and Rural Development, Participatory Approaches to Agricultural and Rural Development, Role of Extension in Biodiversity Conservation, Role of Extension in Adoption of Biotechnology/Nanotechnology in Agriculture, Role of ICTs in Agricultural and Rural Development, Designing and Management of Farming Systems, Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change and Drought Management, Food Security and Safety, Agricultural Technology and Innovation Management, Agricultural Water Management

Kok Sin Woon  Website
Xiamen University (Malaysia), Malaysia
Research Interests: Carbon Footprint Analysis, Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing, Eco-efficiency, Solid Waste Management, Waste to Energy, Green Township and Building Development, and Energy Optimization

Muhammad Zubair Chishti  Website
University of Chakwal, Pakistan
Research Areas: Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Energy Transition, SDGs, Advanced Econometrics

Nadeem Iqbal  Website
Air University Islamabad, Pakistan
Research Areas: Energy Economics, Green Finance, Sustainable Finance, Efficiency Measurement

Qiang Yue  Website
Northeastern University, China
Research Areas: Economic Growth and Environmental Load, Life Cycle Assessment, Carbon Footprinting, Materials Flow Analysis, System Energy-Saving

Szabolcs Nagy  Website
University of Miskolc, Hungary
Research Areas: Sustainable Marketing, Sustainable Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Social Marketing, Innovation Marketing, Functional Foods (Health-Conscious Behaviour)

Theocharis Tsoutsos  Website
Technical University of Crete, Greece
Research Areas:  Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Mobility, Smart Cities, Environmental Economics, Renewable Energy, Solar Power, Environmental Impact Assessment

Thomas Pogge  Website
Yale University, USA
Research Areas: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Kant, Justice in Health Care

Yongrok Choi  Website
Inha University, Republic of Korea
Research Areas: Environmental Economics, International Trade, E-Business