Call for Papers - SI on Transport Transition towards a Net-Zero Future

Special Issue on Transport Transition towards a Net-Zero Future

Aims and Scope

The disastrous consequences of climate change, such as heat waves, heavy downpours and droughts, occur more frequently in recent years, posing a major challenge to humanity. The situation is likely to become even worse in the coming years, as human-induced greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions continue to rise, despite growing global efforts on emissions reduction. To mitigate the worse impact of climate change, deeper and faster cuts on global emissions are required. Achieving net-zero energy supply by the mid-century is the single most important step towards such an endeavour.

The transport sector has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector. Facilitating a rapid transition away from petroleum towards electricity and other low-emissions fuels in the sector (‘transport transition’) therefore becomes a key aspect of the transition towards a net-zero energy future. Sound and effective policies are central to this process, to promote innovations, to encourage the adoption and diffusion of low-emissions technologies, and to build supportive infrastructure.

Against this backdrop, we are organising a Special Issue on Green and Low Carbon Economy, to help understand various issues that policymakers may like to consider while designing policy programs for facilitating transport transition.

Note on The Inaugural International Society for Energy Transition Studies

The International Society for Energy Transition Studies (ISETS) is a worldwide non-profit professional organisation based in Australia, which has members in 40+ nations and more than ten international organisations.

ISETS aims to facilitate an equitable and inclusive transition of energy and relevant sectors toward a sustainable low-carbon future with consideration of economic development, social equity, and environmental stewardship through international partnerships.

This SI is open for submission to conference participants, as well as contributors around the globe, who are interested in contributing to this hotly debated topic.

Guest Editors

Daniel del Barrio Alvarez
University of Tokyo, Japan
Research Areas: Energy, Sustainability Transitions, Social Innovation

Muyi Yang
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Research Interests: Energy Market Reform, Energy Decarbonisation and Sustainability, Transport Electrification, Governance and Political Economy

Ruyin Long
Jiangnan University, China
Research Areas: Green Development Theory and Method, Residents' Environmental Behavior, Behavioral Decision-Making and Green Consumption, Energy and Environmental Economic Policy

Wenbo Li
Jiangsu Normal University, China
Research Areas: Energy and Environment Managment, Pro-Environment Behavior, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Big Data Application

Xunpeng Shi
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Research Areas: Full Spectrum of Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Policy, Sustainable Development

Special Issue Information
This special issue welcomes original and review articles from theoretical and empirical frontiers. The expected submissions may cover (but are not limited to) the following research themes:
· The adoption and diffusion of EVs
· Transport-economy-environmental nexus
· Impact of transport transition on mineral sector
· Pathways for transport decarbonisation
· The governance of transport transition
· Decarbonisation in hard-to-abated transport sectors
· Transport innovations
· Energy saving and emissions reduction for green transport models
· Pathways for attaining net-zero in the transport sector

Manuscript Submission Information
Submission deadline: October 31, 2023
Submissions that pass pre-check will be reviewed by at least two reviewers of the specific field.
Free fast publication and early access will be provided to all accepted papers.

If you have any queries regarding this special issue or other matters, please feel free to contact the editorial office: