Call for Papers - SI on Digital Green Innovation Management for Industry 5.0

Special Issue on Digital Green Innovation Management for Industry 5.0

Aims and Scope
The world's unprecedented major changes have accelerated their evolution, and since the pandemic, the manufacturing supply chain has been hit unprecedentedly. Coupled with the impact of anti-globalization trends, it has sounded the Industrial 5.0 that is advancing towards both digital and green transformation. Industry 5.0 depicts a vision that combines opportunities and challenges. As a new form of global industrial development, Industry 5.0 takes sustainable development as its core concept, attaches importance to the integration of intelligent manufacturing and resource environment ecology, promotes deep integration of green technology innovation and manufacturing digitalization, innovates business models, and focuses more on promoting organizational change around green sustainability and people-oriented, and promotes flexible and resilient industrial service innovation. Sustainable development has become the main trend of global economic and social development, and digital green innovation management is the key path for the digital green transformation towards Industry 5.0. Digital empowerment, green transformation, and innovation driven, all three of which are mutually supportive and synergistically integrated, have profound implications for global economic recovery and long-term development. This special issue will explore how to improve digital green innovation management to better respond to future opportunities and challenges, and promote Industry 5.0 from concept to reality.

Lead Guest Editors

Shi Yin  Email:
Hebei Agricultural University, China
Research Interests: Energy and Environmental Assessment, Green Innovation Processes, Digital Transformation, Green Manufacturing, Environmental Sustainability, Civil Engineering Innovation for Sustainability, Green Building, Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Lirui Liu  Email:
Hebei Agricultural University, China
Research Interests: Green Innovation Processes, Digital Transformation, Innovation Management

Guest Editors

Meili Zhang  Email:
Yanshan University, China
Research Interests: Innovation Management, Green Economy, Digital Economy

Kifayat Ullah  Email:
Riphah International University, Pakistan
Research Interests: Fuzzy Set Theory, Decision Making, Mathematical Operators, Automobiles, Electric Vehicles, Network Theory (Graphs), Sensitivity Analysis

Special Issue Information
· Digital technology
· Green transformation
· Carbon emissions
· Low carbon economy
· Green energy
· Innovation driven development
· Renewable energy technology
· Environmentally sustainable industries
· Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality

Manuscript Submission Information
Submission deadline: May 31, 2024
Submissions that pass pre-check will be reviewed by at least two reviewers of the specific field.
Free fast publication and early access will be provided to all accepted papers.

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