Preface to the Second Issue


  • Umapada Pal Indian Statistical Institute, India



I consider it my privilege to introduce the second issue of the Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) Journal. I extend my warm welcome to the second issue and thank all the authors of the papers included. The highlight of the second issue is the exploration of the latest AI techniques addressing the new challenges like text segmentation from the historical documents and images, developing smart sensing technologies, studying industrial revolution readiness among industry players, precipitation prediction, human-centric functional computing, Devanagari digit recognition, and the various multi-party agent issues by the papers in this issue. These are new and emerging applications with immense scope for the understanding of the niche areas and future directions. It would also motivate the readers to find new directions to solve future challenges. I am sure the pertinent issue will draw the attention of the numerous budding researchers from various disciplines including academics and industry.

Moreover, I think our journal has seized the right moment to release the second issue in resonance with the current flourishing of AI-based techniques and models which can solve more complex challenges and problems with great accuracy but with minimum expenses. For example, ChatGPT can solve problems related to natural language processing, and sometimes, it can even answer questions that do not have a solution at all. In the same way, 3D printers can be used to construct houses and buildings, etc. Therefore, one can expect an intelligent system could be able to overtake the human mind and thinking. I believe that the second issue and future issues of AIA will become a bellwether to human society.

Finally, I appreciate the team led by EiC of the AIA. They have put their efforts into making AIA a successful journal and reaching society through publishing innovative technologies to meet the current demands. Thus, I wish for the whole team and the authors to be part of the great journey of AIA.


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