Let’s Have a Chat! A Conversation with ChatGPT: Technology, Applications, and Limitations





artificial intelligence, natural language processing, ChatGPT, text generation, chatbots


The advent of artificial intelligence-empowered chatbots capable of constructing human-like sentences and articulating cohesive essays has captivated global interest. This paper provides a historical perspective on chatbots, focusing on the technology underpinning the Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, better known as ChatGPT. We underscore the potential utility of ChatGPT across a multitude of fields, including healthcare, education, and research. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first review that not only highlights the applications of ChatGPT in multiple domains but also analyzes its performance on examinations across various disciplines. Despite its promising capabilities, ChatGPT raises numerous ethical and privacy concerns that are meticulously explored in this paper. Acknowledging the current limitations of ChatGPT is crucial in understanding its potential for growth. We also ask ChatGPT to provide its point of view and present its responses to several questions we attempt to answer.


Received: 5 April 2023 | Revised: 23 May 2023 | Accepted: 29 May 2023


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2023-06-02 — Updated on 2023-06-02

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Shahriar, S., & Hayawi, K. (2023). Let’s Have a Chat! A Conversation with ChatGPT: Technology, Applications, and Limitations. Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 2(1), 11–20. https://doi.org/10.47852/bonviewAIA3202939