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Welcome to the first issue of Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) Journal.

Recently, we are seeing the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) field, evidenced by the fast-growing published papers and increased practical applications. Artificial intelligence is a discipline of science and technology for making intelligent machines to simulate human abilities in learning, perception, thinking, decision, behaviour and interaction. The technology is widely used in various areas in the society, including sensing data analysis and understanding, big data analytics, security surveillance, management and planning, manufacturing, education, medical care, robotics, unmanned driving, and so on.

The artificial intelligence field was found in 1956, when the term “artificial intelligence” was coined and came into the open. Since then, many theories, methods and algorithms have been developed under the main paradigms of symbolism, connectionism and behaviourism. The large boom came in the latest decade. The milestones of successful applications of deep neural networks (DNNs) in large scale image classification in 2012 and computer Go game in 2016 drew the eye of AI researchers to the deep learning approach and made AI widely known to the society. The research is extended to all aspects of intelligence science and technology, and the application of AI is extended into all scenarios of our life. The published papers are quickly increasing in existing journals and conferences, and new journals and conferences are being established. In preparing this journal, we selected the name Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) because both research and application are important to the field and both are fast developing. Real-life applications of AI are enabled in recent years because the developed methodologies have led to improved performance satisfying users’ needs. On the other hand, the extensive applications also pose scientific and technical challenges which attract researchers’ attention. Such interaction between research and application will continually drive the evolution of the field.

The Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AIA) is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original contributions to the theory, methods and applications of artificial intelligence. Qualified papers are the most important factor to establish the fame and impact of the journal. We solicit papers reporting novel ideas, innovative technology or applications in the AI field. We thank the authors of all submitted papers for their great efforts in supporting our journal. Let’s grow up together with the AIA Journal!




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2023-01-16 — Updated on 2023-01-30


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