Inaugural Editorial


  • Babak Safaei Department of Mechanical Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University, Türkiye



Writing an editorial note for the first volume of the new journal of Archives of Advanced Engineering Science (AAES) is a great glory and honor for me. The scope of AAES is not limited to a single aspect of engineering and science and covers various subfields in the applied and fundamental engineering sciences. Particularly, articles with interdisciplinary nature are welcomed. A warm welcome to the inaugural issue of AAES, which is a new exciting title and subject for Bon View Press portfolio journals for 2023. AAES is a new beginning for engineering development in the way to advanced engineering science. I am fortunate and honored to be a member of AAES and take the responsibility of Editor-in-Chief.

As can be witnessed in journal title, this pioneering journal aims to address and understand Engineering Science. Subject fields include, but are not limited to, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Informatics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy and Resources, Technology and Applications, Sustainable Development and Interdisciplinary science. Today, we feel great happiness to publish the first issue of our journal in November 2023. This issue has six articles on different interesting topics in engineering science.

I believe that AAES is providing a vigorously open-access, peer-reviewed, leading platform aiming at publishing the most valuable and Influential research works in the main basic areas of engineering science around the world. To enhance the standard of the journal through publishing high quality papers, we followed the main practices of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and accordingly handled research and publication misconduct. Strict ethical guidelines for editors, authors, and peer reviewers were clearly presented. We introduced desk reject, double-blind peer-review by at least two anonymous reviewers and plagiarism detection to guarantee high standards of AAES. Furthermore, our editorial office effectively managed in dealing with the processes of submission and review, generally taking about 50 days from submission to final decision and 5 days from acceptance email to online publication.

To enhance the impact and visibility of our journal, we have to investigate novel approaches to reach authors and readers and receive more high-quality articles in interdisciplinary fields. We believe that the topic is crucial and interesting to the future of engineering society.

As a founding Editor-in-Chief, it is a great honor for me to cooperate with an outstanding team of associate editors and editorial board members all pioneers in various fields of engineering. I wish to conclude this inaugural editorial by presenting my gratitude to everybody for their support as authors, reviewers, associate editors, and editorial board members, who helped ensure the quality of all manuscripts considered in the current inaugural issue of AAES. Last but not least, I wish to thank Managing Editor Fay Ge, Bon View Press personally, and Publication Board for their unwavering support, incredible help, and enthusiasm. Also, with your support, we can build a high-quality journal.

Wishing good luck for all the contributors and readers of Archives of Advanced Engineering Science (AAES)!




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