A Study on the Current Situation and Development of English Translation of Hunan Red Tourism


  • Xin Deng Foreign Languages School, Changsha Normal University
  • Yahui Zhu
  • Moli Luo
  • Xin Cao
  • Zhaomeng Dai




Red tourism, Foreign tourists, English translation, Translation talents


As China's red tourism continues to heat up, it not only attracts Chinese people to study, but also welcomes more foreign tourists in recent years. At this time, the English translation of public signs and publicity materials is prominent. Under this background, under the guidance of theories such as cross-cultural pragmatic English translation, a field survey was conducted on the current situation of English translation of major red tourist attractions in Hunan Province. Research shows: There are obvious grammatical errors, nonstandard pragmatics and cultural barriers in the English translation of Hunan red tourism culture. In view of the above problems, we should strengthen the training of foreign language translation talents for red tourism, and introduce relevant English translation standards to standardize them. In addition, it is necessary to establish the English translation corpus of Hunan red tourism culture. The problem of cultural English translation is to improve the translator's cross-cultural awareness and professional quality to achieve the best English translation effect.


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Deng, X., Zhu , Y., Luo , M., Cao , X., & Dai , Z. (2023). A Study on the Current Situation and Development of English Translation of Hunan Red Tourism. Journal of Global Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(2), 105–110. https://doi.org/10.47852/bonviewGHSS23209000212



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