Elsadig Musa Ahmed    Website    ORCID

Multimedia University, Malaysia

Email: elsadigmusa@yahoo.com

Research Areas: Productivity Analysis, Productivity and Environment, Development Economics, Economic Growth and the Environment, Knowledge-based Economy and Entrepreneurship


Honorary Advisor

Martyushev Nikita Vladimirovich    Website    ORCID

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

Research Areas: Modern Learning Technologies, Teaching Activities, Additive Technologies, 3D Printing with Metals and Alloys


Siti Hajar Binti Abu Bakar Ah    Website    ORCID

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Research Areas: Foster Care, Child Welfare


Editorial Board Members

Ahmed Mohamed Hasanein Hussein    Website    ORCID

Helwan University, Egypt

Research Areas: Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, HRM, Education, Sustainability


Alade Adekunle Oluwatosin    Website    ORCID

University of Science and Technology of China, China

Research Areas: Social Sciences, Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Medicine, Environmental Sciences


Asaad Ali Karam    Website    ORCID

The University of Duhok, Iraq

Research Areas: Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Internet Marketing, International Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Management, Mobile Marketing and Advertising, Business Management, Leadership


Chi Zhou    Website    ORCID

Tianjin University of Technology, China

Research Areas: Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Platform Economics, Operations Management, Search Theory


Eudaldo Enrique Espinoza Freire    Website    ORCID

Universidad Técnica de Machala, Ecuador

Research Areas: Education Research, Pedagogy, Education Evaluation


Kent Baker    Website    ORCID

American University, USA

Research Areas: Dividend Policy, Behavioral Finance


Huaping Sun    Website    ORCID

Jiangsu University, China

Research Areas: Industrial Innovation, Sustainable Development, Low-carbon Economy, Global value Chains


Janusz Adamczyk    Website    ORCID

University of Zielona Gora, Poland

Research Areas: Energy saving Balance, Building and Environmental Protection


Javier Tarango Ortiz    Website    ORCID

Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Mexico

Research Areas: Information Literacy, Scientific Production, Communication Evaluation


Jiansu Mao    Website    ORCID

Beijing Normal University, China

Research Areas: Industrial Ecology, Ecological Economics, Urban Eco-planning, Source Management of Pollutants


Jincheng Zhai    Website    ORCID

Nankai University, China

Research Areas: Logic History, Culture and Logic


Lala Behari Sukla    Website    ORCID

Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, India

Research Areas: Microbiology, biotechnology, Algae, Nanomaterials


Mario Coccia    Website    ORCID

National Research Council of Italy, Italy

Research Areas: Evolution of Technology, Scientific Change, Social Dynamics, Complex Adaptive Systems, Environment & COVID-19


Miklas Scholz    Website    ORCID

The University of Salford, Sweden

Research Areas: Wetlands, Sustainable Drainage, Biofiltration, Stormwate, Wastewater


Mohammed Muneerali Thottoli    Website    ORCID

University of Nizwa, India

Research Areas: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Computerized Accounting, International Accounting, Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Management, International Free Trade Zone, Entrepreneurship


Mohammad Namazi    Website    ORCID

Shiraz University, Iran

Research Areas: Cost and Management Accounting, Research Methods, Capital Market Research


Mohamad Rahimi Mohamad Rosman    Website    ORCID

University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Research Areas: Information Systems Management, Web Technologies, User Engagement, Customer Engagement, Digital Humanities, Digital Library, Content Management, Enterprise Content Management


Raja Irfan Sabir    Website    ORCID

University of Central Punjab, Pakistan

Research Areas: Technology and Innovation Management, Consumer Behaviour, Entrepreneurship


Rasvanis Evangelos Andreas    Website    ORCID

University of Western Macedonia, Greece

Research Areas: Economic Geography, Regional Development, Spatial Inequality of FDI, Internationalisation of Production, Tourism Impact on Spatial Growth


S. Durga    Website    ORCID

KL University, India

Research Areas: Computer Science, Decision Science, Engineering, Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Energy, Medicine, Multidisciplinary, Materials Science, Physics and Astronomy


Shaojian Wang    Website    ORCID

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Research Areas: Urbanization and Environment, CO2 Emissions, Low-carbon Cities, Air Pollution, Land Use


Simon Grima    Website    ORCID

University of Malta, Malta

Research Areas: Governance, Regulations and Internal Controls, Financial Services, Academia and

Public Entities


Tafazal Kumail    Website    ORCID

Nankai University, China

Research Areas: Tourism Economics, Tourism Forecasting, Destination Marketing, Climate change, Sustainable and Ecotourism


Vincenzo Basile    Website    ORCID

Federico II University of Naples, Italy

Research Areas: Management, Marketing, Retailing, Sustainability, Business Model Innovation


V.P.Sriram    Website    ORCID

Acharya Bangalore B School (ABBS), India

Research Areas: Retail Service Quality, Consumer Buying behavior and Intent, Social Media, Emerging Technologies in E-commerce - AL/ML/AR/VR


Wendy Wilson-Fall    Website    ORCID

Lafayette College, USA

Research Areas: Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities


Yibo Wu    Website    ORCID

Peking University, China

Research Areas: Health Behavior, Health Promotion, Health Communication


Zhiyong Zhang    Website    ORCID

Henan International Joint Laboratory of Cyberspace Security Applications & Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Research Areas: Social Networks Security, Soft Computing, Multimedia big data, Social Networks Analysis, Mining & Crowd Computing, Digital Rights Management, Mobile Cloud Computing


Zinchenko Viktor Viktorovich    Website    ORCID

National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine

Research Areas: Institutional Processes of Globalization, Geopolitics, Social Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of the Systemic, International and Administrative Management, Social Philosophy of Global Social Transformations