Baraka Sombo Baudouin

Martin Luther King Bujumbura, Congo

Research Areas: Economics, Health Security, Finance, Management, Public Heath


Honorary Advisor

Martyushev Nikita Vladimirovich    Website    ORCID

Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

Research Areas: Modern Learning Technologies, Teaching Activities, Additive Technologies, 3D Printing with Metals and Alloys


Editorial Board Members

Ahmed Mohamed Hasanein Hussein    Website    ORCID

Helwan University, Egypt

Research Areas: Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, HRM; Education, Sustainability


Chi Zhou    Website    ORCID

Tianjin University of Technology, China

Research Areas: Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Platform Economics, Operations Management, Search Theory


Kent Baker    Website    ORCID

American University, USA

Research Areas: Dividend Policy, Behavioral Finance


Huaping Sun    Website    ORCID

Jiangsu University, China

Research Areas: Industrial Innovation, Sustainable Development, Low-carbon Economy, Global value Chains


Janusz Adamczyk    Website    ORCID

University of Zielona Gora, Poland

Research Areas: Energy saving Balance, Building and Environmental Protection


Jincheng Zhai    Website    ORCID

Nankai University, China

Research Areas: Logic History, Culture and Logic


Lala Behari Sukla    Website    ORCID

Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology, India

Research Areas: Microbiology, biotechnology, Algae, Nanomaterials


Mario Coccia    Website    ORCID

National Research Council of Italy, Italy

Research Areas: Evolution of Technology, Scientific Change, Social Dynamics, Complex Adaptive Systems, Environment & COVID-19


Miklas Scholz    Website    ORCID

The University of Salford, Sweden

Research Areas: Wetlands, Sustainable Drainage, Biofiltration, Stormwate, Wastewater


Raja Irfan Sabir    Website    ORCID

University of Central Punjab, Pakistan

Research Areas: Technology and Innovation Management, Consumer Behaviour, Entrepreneurship


Shaojian Wang    Website    ORCID

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Research Areas: Urbanization and Environment, CO2 Emissions, Low-carbon Cities, Air Pollution, Land Use


Tafazal Kumail    Website    ORCID

Nankai University, China

Research Areas: Tourism Economics, Tourism Forecasting, Destination Marketing, Climate change, Sustainable and Ecotourism


Vincenzo Basile    Website    ORCID

Federico II University of Naples, Italy

Research Areas: Management, Marketing, Retailing, Sustainability, Business Model Innovation


Zhiyong Zhang    Website    ORCID

Henan International Joint Laboratory of Cyberspace Security Applications & Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Research Areas: Social Networks Security, Soft Computing, Multimedia big data, Social Networks Analysis, Mining & Crowd Computing, Digital Rights Management, Mobile Cloud Computing