An Experimental Private Small Hydropower Plant Investments Selection Classification System




type-2 fuzzy logic, small hydropower, private investment, fuzzy rule base, fuzzy logic inference system


Investment selection problems and models are crucial for humans, communities, and states. Private small hydroelectric power/ hydropower plant investments (PSHPPIs) selection problem is a unique one in those problems and models. Many available scientific methods can be implemented on this research topic. One methods group is type-2 Mamdani's type fuzzy inference systems (FISs). This study presents an experimental one-node general type-2 4-zslices Mamdani’s type FIS model for PSHPPIs selection. There are 3 input variables (total estimated electricity generation: M1, total estimated cost: M2, change in the average runoff: M3), 1 output variable (O1: selected/unselected, selection classification of PSHPPIs), and 49 rules. M1 is designed in 5 triangular and trapezoidal general type-2 4-zslices fuzzy membership functions (MFs), M2 in 5 triangular and trapezoidal general type-2 4-zslices fuzzy MFs, M3 in 5 Gaussian type-2 4-zslices fuzzy MFs, and O1 in 2 Gaussian type-2 4-zslices fuzzy MFs. All modeling details are finalized by a human-expert decision process. JuzzyOnline V2.0, a browser-based platform of Juzzy (a Java-based library: Juzzy toolkit), is used for all FIS modeling and calculation activities. Five PSHPPI options assumed to be in their very early investment stages in Turkiye are evaluated in an experimental application. It is clear that an improved, tuned, and fine-tuned version of this model will help private investors to take more convenient/satisfying actions/decisions in a very short evaluation period in their PSHPPIs decision processes. An automatic investment selection classification system can be built in an appropriate development period after experiencing many methods and models. This study is one of the open-science humanoid robot, robot and platform development activities entitled Global Power Robots and Platforms: GPRP/GPRAP (Global Power Plants Developers: GP2D/G2PD/GPPD, Global Power Plants Engineers: GP2E/G2PE/ GPPE, Global Power Plants Owners: GP2O/G2PO/GPOO, Global Power Prediction Systems: GP2S/G2PS/GPPS), Global Profile Analyses Systems, and Global Social Network Analyses Systems.


Received: 3 August 2023 | Revised: 15 November 2023 | Accepted: 27 November 2023


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Saracoglu, B. O. (2023). An Experimental Private Small Hydropower Plant Investments Selection Classification System. Journal of Data Science and Intelligent Systems, 2(1), 46–57.



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