Call for Papers - SI on ORAAM

Special Issue on Opportunities and Risks of AI and Algorithms in Metaverse's

Aims and Scope

As a new and rapidly growing sector, there are many areas of scientific discovery needed, including Metaverse Economics, Technologies and Infrastructure, Metaverse and The Future of Work, MetaFi, Metaverse and Industry, Metaverse and Government, Metaverse Education, Metaverse Ethics, and Metaverse Standards and Regulatory Approaches. New standards and approaches will be needed as new applications arise. The challenges for ethics will expand as the areas of digital convergence grow. The VR/AR UX hardware will need to improve dramatically for widespread adoption. There is a lack of open protocols for sharing and standardising identities and assets necessary to achieve portability and interpretability of decentralised information. Government policy will be needed around data rights, privacy, antitrust, and financial legislation. There is an urgent need to share research and thought leadership as this technology develops. Data and data science will play a major role in shaping Metaverses and this cutting edge issue will explore the frontier of data science and the Metaverse.

Lead Guest Editors

Dr. Jane Thomason
Industry Associate UCL Centre for Blockchain, UK
Research Interests:
Digital Ethics, Advancements in Applied Metaverse

Guest Editors

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes
University of Miami Business School, USA
Research Interests:
Digital Ethics, Cyberresilience, Smart Cities, Digital Twins, Precision Health, AI, Blockchain and Quantum

Prof. Ioannis Karamitsos
Rochester Institute of Technology, UAE
Research Interests:
Blockchain, Metaverse, AI, Cryptography, Machine Learning, IoT, Data Mining

Dr. Monika Manolova
Digital National Alliance Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Research Interests:
Database Management, Big Data, Data Analytics


Special Issue Information

We encourage researchers and experts worldwide to contribute by submitting high-quality original research papers and review papers. 

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Data science and intelligent systems aspects of knowledge-based and expert systems and application to Metaverse
  • Techniques and systems used to analyse and manage big data in Metaverse
  • Methods and algorithms designed for data mining, online analysis, decision-making, and other data-intensive computing used for Metaverse
  • Artificial Intelligence techniques relating to data science and intelligent systems in Metaverse
  • Algorithms and technologies for intelligent systems and how they will be used in Metaverse
  • Hardware systems and software systems for data computing as they apply to Metaverse

Manuscript Submission Information

Submission deadline: 31 July 2023

Submissions that pass pre-check will be reviewed by at least two reviewers of the specific field. Accepted papers will be published on early access first and sent for copy editing and typesetting. Then all papers will be included in the special issue when it is published.

If you have any queries regarding the special issue or other matters, please feel free to contact the editorial office: /