Associate Editors

Ernesto D.R. Santibañez Gonzalez Website
University of Talca, Chile
Research Areas: Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Applications on Supply Chain, Operations Management, Waste Management, Circular Economy, Smart Manufacturing and Servicing, Energy and Network Systems

Hamid Doost Mohammadian Website ORCID
University of Applied Sciences (FHM), Germany
Research Areas: Blue-Green Sustainability, Interdisciplinary Studies, International & Cultural Management, Future Studies, Global SMEs, Digitalization, Innovation & Change, Engineering Management, Blue-Green Globalized Economy & Energy, CSR, 7PS & 9PSG Models, and the 5th Wave/Tomorrow Age Theory

Muhammad Hafeez Website ORCID
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
Research Areas: Finance, Financial Econometrics, Financial Economics, Environmental Economics, Management Sciences

Munir Ahmad Website ORCID
Ningbo University of Finance and Economics, China
Research Areas: Eco-innovation and Green Growth, Renewable Energy Adoption Behavior, Environmental Sustainability, Economic-Ecological Modeling, Sustainable Development

Wenbo Li Website ORCID
Jiangsu Normal University, China
Research Areas: Energy and Environment Managment, Pro-Environment Behavior, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Big Data Application

Xu Zhao Website ORCID
Institute of Blue and Green Development, Shandong University, China
Research Areas: Environmental Economics, Water Resources Accounting and Management, Water Footprint and Virtual Water, Input-output Modelling

Yantuan Yu Website ORCID
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China
Research Areas: Applied Econometrics, Econometric Analysis, Econometric Modeling, Data Envelopment Analysis, Regional Economics, Sustainable Development, Spatial Econometrics, DEA, Productivity Analysis, Efficiency Analysis

Yuli Shan Website ORCID
University of Birmingham, UK
Research Areas: Climate Change, Ecological Economics, Sustainable Development