Call for Papers- SI on ABCI

Special Issue on Advances in Brain Computer Interfacing

Aims and Scope
To explore the issues in Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI). Boosting classification performance of BCI Signals, Understanding the user's emotions, Modulating the user's emotions, Medical and Non-medical applications, Investigations/interrogation in crimeinvestigations etc.

The long-term goal of this line of research is a new mode of communication for victims of diseases and injuries resulting in the loss of voluntary muscle control, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), high-level spinal cord injuries or severe cerebral palsy. The autonomic and intellectual functions of such subjects continue to be active. This can result in a locked-in syndrome in which a person is unable to communicate to the outside world. The interpretation of information contained in EEG may lead to a new mode of communication with which subjects can communicate with their care givers or directly control devices such as televisions, wheel chairs, speech synthesizers and computers.

Lead Guest Editors

Dr. Shivanand Gornale
Professor, Rani Channamma University, Belagavi, Karnataka
Research Interests: Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Bio-metrics, Human Computer Interaction

Dr. Dayanand G. Savakar
Professor, Rani Channamma University, Belagavi, Karnataka
Research Interests: MPEG-7; Shape Matching; Descriptors

Guest Editors

Dr. Anand S. Ghuli
Associate Professor, B.L.D.E.A’s V.P.Dr.P.G.Halakatti College of Engineering and Technology, Vijaypur, Karnataka
Reseach Interests: Information SecurityImage processing, Digital image watermarking, Brain Computer Interfacing, Object Oriented Modelling Applic

Dr. Basavanna M
Associate Professor, Davanagere University, Dvanagere, Karnataka
Reseach Interests: Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition-Scene Text Analysis


Special Issue Information
The contributions from researchers describing their original, unpublished, research contribution on the following theme (but not limited to):

· BCI in generic medical applications
· BCI in Emotion analysis
· BCI in Stress analysis
· BCI in Confusion analysis
· BCI in Short term memory loss
· BCI in forensic analysis
· BCI signal amplification
· BCI signal filtering
· BCI for coma patient mental health
· BCI for paralyzed brain

Manuscript Submission Information
Submission deadline: October 31, 2022
Submissions that pass pre-check will be reviewed by at least two reviewers of the specific field.
Free fast publication and early access will be provided to all accepted papers. 

If you have any queries regarding this special issue or other matters, please feel free to contact the editorial office: